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our Program and facilities

Sometimes students can participate in a authentic Oregon trail Pioneer wilderness Trek that teaches appreciation and respect for others while effecting needed changes

Family services

Weekly Parental coaching

Wilderness Trek

Life Changing experience

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Our program

- 24/7 Supervision
- Safe and Secure environment
- 24 years service to troubled teens
- Therapeutic process
- Equestrian Program
- Great Work ethic
- Ex US Marine Corps staff
- Experiences that change attitudes
- Morality and Ethics taught

Our program has parental coaching and resources that help the parents create change that is needed at home to help the child be successful upon their return

Our Master Drill Instructor is former Marine and creates an environment very simular to Basic training used to change young men in the military.  

Boot Camp

Basic Training

Wake Up Call For Teens

  Intensive Behavioral-Fitness Boot Camp & Therapeutic Boarding School Program for Troubled Teens...Featuring $6995* for a 30 day 1 month Intensive process any additional months if needed would be $3495 a month or $2695 a month Financial Hardship** . see below for details

* there is additional start up fee of $2000 on all admits  separate from the $6995 ... ** Hardship are interest free deferred payments of $295 per month the hardship is $3295 paid $2695 while student is in program then deferred payments of $295 once student returns home till difference is made up usually (2) payments of $295 for every month student was in program if student stays 3 months there would be For example 6 monthly payments of $295 per month feel free to call us for details at 864-462-0237

- 500 acre private campus

- sense of entitlement removed
- Pioneer style wilderness Trek
- Respect and honor restored
- Yes Sir and No Ma'am taught
- Christian based process
- Seminary study Mon-Friday
- Appreciation for Parents created
- Respect for others and self

Our Mission is to restore a prodigal Son or daughter back to their loving Families. Building integrity within themselves as they do and coaching their choices so they are functioning in trust with themselves and their families. Re-establishing Trust and honor that through the inappropriate actions of the Teen, over the process of time that has been compromised, must be healed and restored. Our Mission is to facilitate these goals