Our Model is a Short term, wake up call boot camp for troubled teens followed by a Therapeutic Boarding school for troubled teens with ADHD. An impacting wake up call for your child that is both Physically and mentally challenging. We are a one month to two process 30-60 days with a longer term Boarding School Process for students who have been out of control for over a year or so and need a longer term stay to establish new appropriate habits. We are like a military school but your child cant get kicked out and we work with this kind of problem kid

We combine a variety of modalities such as the Basic Training process used by the US military and the Pioneer Trek process that is similar in some ways to a wilderness program, but without the risky need deprivation that is typically the model found in most wilderness processes. therapeutic boarding school for troubled Teens with adhd in Tampa, Miami, Palm Beach, Atlanta, and other places in the South east with summer camps for teens

It is necessarily intense by its very nature and design, to snap the student back into a sense of reality to literally provide them a “Wake them Up Call” that will bring them back to a reasonable form of manageability. 

It also provides the crucible to help determine if the student is in need of a simple wake up call or is in need of long term care our long term care Therapeutic boarding school has a scholar-shipped rate of $3495 or $2695 with deferred interest free payments of $395 once the student returns home

Wake Up Call Boot Camp For Troubled Teens Therapeutic Boarding School For Troubled Teens With Adhd

Through this process you will become part of our loving extended family as we become part of yours.

We’re committed to your families success.
 We love kids and truly care about yours. Whether it’s our special attention to your child’s needs that we serve with quality, and care or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our clients love us.



Our Parents love our results and our students truly change and typically go on to community college or university and create beautifully productive lives and we rejoice and thank God that we are privileged to play a small part of this wonderful story.  Our Wake up Call short term process operates at our 500 acre Therapeutic Boarding School that also provides long term cost effective options for students needing a longer term care.  We’re committed to helping change and save young lives and to serving you with quality and value. Again this is all we do... its not a Job; its our life and Mission and a great incredible adventure... truly a labor of love.

Our short term wake up call at our long-term

Therapeutic Boarding School Facility

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, Our facilities are home to a long term Therapeutic Boarding school  We operate long term boarding schools in South Carolina and in Costa Rica, we have been operating these facilities for over 20 years....We work with students that are not functioning in their regular home school or community.... Its all we do., and it shows


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We promise to always treat your child as a Child of God, with divine worth worthy of love and respect, regardless of the difficulty.

Your Child is literally treated as our own.

We Truly Care your Child is ours

We Love Working with Kids

Our staff come to work smiling and are happy to be there. They see it as a privilege.. No...as a Mission.... We have a passion for helping repair families and are fully qualified to work with yours as we have others over the last 24 years..

The Moment they arrive on our campus your child is as if they were are very own. Our reputations and life's work are on the line with every student we choose to serve

Leave it to Us

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Our Promise to You

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out. Rely on our 24 years of  knowledge and experience instead. Your child is in the best of hands , Again this is all we do...We believe this is a sacred trust and we do our work in a prayerful manor.