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Parent and Student References

My Name is Luis Nava my son Andreas, while having a heart that is as big as all outdoors had struggled for years in every setting we had him in from public and private schools in Acapulco Mexico to public and private schools in Louisville Kentucky. Andreas is a fun but tough kid and was always in trouble ... When we as a family settled into Louisville to start our son in high school things became really complicated because Andreas started to hang out with the wrong crowd and started to do Pot and went off the rails... The Program made all the difference and allowed us to restore proper boundaries and limits and our son is doing great ... I would highly recommend them

Wake up call for Teens has helped me see things completely different.I have been able to make better choices than I had in the past.  As I compare my past to my present I think of miracles. I never thought that being here could help me change and make better choice for myself, but it happened. . Keeping yourself healthy is so much better keeping yourself modest and clean with clothing, language, and substances, etc. is so much better. I am so grateful for what the program and the beautiful people there has done for me, it gives me a great perspective for my life and my future.-Nancy Vicente  Warren, NJ

I am an eighteen year-old graduate of Wake up call for teens. I entered at 17, directly from county jail. A few instances of smoking marijuana with friends had snowballed into total delinquency and I was facing a criminal record. I was luckily able to continue high school with Southern Oaks and eliminate this record.  I learned how I can make the right choices to live a happier,more successful life. I was able to regain spiritual strength  positive reinforcement I have received and I believe this to be one of the key factors of a successful healing process, as it has been for myself.-Ryan Muskoph St. Louis, Missouri

Wake up call for Teens has changed my daughters life. My beautiful girl had started to hang out with some peers that thought that smoking pot and doing drugs was really cool and soon it had taken over her life..I was afraid for her safety I had no choice but to act ... but I wasn't ready to sent her off to some unknown so I hired a Private Investigator ...we placed with  Wake up call for Teens-Joann Tufaro Bronx NY

Iam Ivy league educated, Harvard Doctor of Psychology.I practice in Colorado and my son Caleb attended  wake up for teens after my ex wife, who is also a therapist was at wits end tocontrol our son who had become a terror in his school and at home .. they even had a private room set aside for him at his public school in Texas. Nine months at there restored us our sweet son and it really worked, even though I was skeptical at first. I highly recommend Wake up call for Teens. it healed our boy and gave us the boy we once knew and loved -Dr Chris Phillips Colorado Springs  Colorado

Tengo un estudiante en Wake up call for Teens. Soy originalmente de México. Quiero dar mi humilde opinión sobre el programa, parece muy bueno para mí , me ayudó mucho con el problema de mi hija. Esto es lo que estaba buscando, el programa está diseñado para ayudar a su hijo o hija académicamente pero es algo que nuestros hijos o hijasnecesitan y nosotros como padres simplemente no sabemos cómo darles

-Benny Zuniga Atlanta GA   

English Translation I have a student at Wake up call for Teens , I am originally from Mexico. I want to give my humble opinion about the program, it is very good it helped me a lot with the problem my daughter had ,this was what I was looking for. The program is designed to help your son/daughter academically, emotionally, and spiritually. The discipline is very strict  but it is what our sons and daughters need,and it is something we parents don't know how to give. -Benny Zuniga Atlanta GA   

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